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When the Watrous daughters started taking riding lessons at ages 4 and 5, John and Sharon never could have guessed what a ride they were in for.


"They were just two horse-crazy kids who wanted to jump all day," remembers Sharon. "But, of course, they developed high aspirations quickly!"


When Sharon started competing with her own horses too, it became obvious that this was now a family affair!


But as the Watrous family developed a space for themselves in the sport horse world, it became apparent to them that some horses had "it" and some didn't.


"You know, there's the intangible "wow" factor in some horses. We've been lucky to have help with sourcing some really nice horses. But what if someone didn't have the connections that we did?" says Sharon. "So we created Joyride EQ Showjumping. All Joyride horses have the elusive "it" factor. They bring joy to their owners and riders. We want to set you up for real success, and we want you to have fun while you do it!"


These days, it's not only a family affair. Joyride horses are bringing happiness to riders all over the USA, from cross rails to the Grand Prix level.

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