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See You in Harrisburg?

3 Reasons to Support Our Industry

This article first appeared on Marketing4Equestrians. You can read the original here.

The Pennsylvania National Horse Show is the main fundraiser for the PNHS Foundation. Photo Andrew Ryback Photography.

Oct. 10, 2023 - If you saw our last blog, we did tell you that indoor season is our favorite season! (If not, you can check out “3 Ways Indoors is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced” here). We love it so much that we’ve even signed on with our trainers, Messenger Hill, to sponsor the Pennsylvania National Horse Show (PNHS) and we’d love to share with you the reasons why. 1. Iconic, standalone championship horse shows won’t continue without our help. The PNHS is 77 years old this year. SEVENTY-SEVEN! So many of the country’s best riders have sharpened their skills in the same arena, not to mention the benefits the 11-day horse show gives to the community of Harrisburg. It’s been designated a “Heritage Competition” by the USEF for its significant contribution to the sport and decades of history. This tradition is something Joyride wants to see continued for years to come.

2. It’s expensive to maintain high standards. Joyride believes that it is a privilege to compete with our equine partners and they should always receive

the best care. For example, the PNHS keeps HEART Equine Ambulance on standby during competition even though they are not required to, but we feel to maintain the highest standards of care for our partners, it should be required at horse shows! We have had direct experience with Heart Ambulance and feel strongly about the incredible service they provide and the benefit of having them at the show. We feel aligned with PNHS in that we should always have the best resources available for our horses while competing, including good footing and safe places to ride. The PNHS has two indoor arenas, two roomy indoor schooling areas, a separate arena for non-showing horses, and an outdoor lunging area, all of which cost money to keep the high standards we desire.

The PNHS Foundation provides grants to therapeutic riding programs and equine rescues. Photo Andrew Ryback Photography

3. The PNHS Foundation benefits more than aspiring Olympians. The PNHS Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support for therapeutic riding programs and equine rescue efforts. In 2022, the foundation awarded more the $50,000 in grants to qualified programs to assist with their expenses, allow for the purchase of equipment for horses and riders, and more. Every tax-deductible gift to the PNHS Foundation directly helps to support the services these worthy organizations provide to the community. We are honored to be a part of the PNHS experience and hope you will see the benefits as well.

Our JoyRide horses deserve the best and we support those organizations that align with our brand. We can’t wait to get back to Harrisburg next week! Will we see you there? As always, feel free to have a conversation with us since we love to share our experiences! Follow along with the journey on our FB and IG pages. Happy Indoors! Visit the PNHS website for more information or to sponsor at

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